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David Schmidt

Regional Training Coordinator

Phone/Text: (631) 394-9650



Outpost: 31

Outpost Role: Asst. Group Leader

Church: Valley Assembly

District: Northwest

David being his adventure in Royal Rangers in 1995 as a Straight Arrow in Outpost 103 in Shirley, New York. He joined FCF in 2003 and became a buckskin member in 2006.

He became the Adirondack Chapter Scout from 2007-2009. David was also a 2006 and 2007 Northeast Region Ranger of the Year.

Became the 5639th recipient of the Gold Medal of Achievement in 2006.

As a Ranger leader David served as a JR. Commander and Lieutenant Commander at Outpost 103 in New York with their Discovery Rangers.

Later he moved to the Northwest District and found a home with Outpost 31 at Valley Assembly in Spokane, Washington as a Discovery and Expedition Rangers Asst. Group Leader. and Group Leader.

David has served as the Northwest Regional Communications Coordinator. He was appointed to serve as the Northwest Regional Training Coordinator in 2023.

David is a graduate of the Royal Rangers Training Academy.

David is married to his wife Holly and has one daughter named Ilsa. They currently reside in Spokane, WA. When not being involved with Royal Rangers, David enjoys playing the Bass Guitar and drums on the church worship team, racing cars and playing chess.

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